MarcoMChan Introduction

MarcoMChan Couture

As a designer Marco designs every piece to emerge the unique beauty of each client, to his preference for expensive fabrics and materials around the world.

Marco created his individual studio in 2013 in Hong Kong. He got attention all around the world from British royalty to Hollywood celebrities and also luxury skincare and fine jewelry brand because of his unique point of view on fashion and beauty.

Every unique piece is handmade by his own team who has been working with him since day1, an art piece that shows more than you expect yourself!

MARCO M CHAN’s COUTURE collection specializes in creating show-stopping tailor-made pieces fit for red carpets, weddings, concerts, and commercial photo shooting.

The clothes are designed to make each person who wears them unique and confident, showing their power, elegance, and beauty. MARCO M CHAN wishes that the design can give you precious and unique memories in moments of your life.


MarcoMChan 高級定制



MARCO M CHAN COUTURE 高級定制系列專注於打造璀璨奪目的定制設計禮服,這些充滿驚喜想象的禮服,主要為紅毯、婚宴、演唱會和商業拍攝等設計。